What’s New?

  • 4/17/2018

The Changeling’s Fortune is available for pre-order! It is the first installment in the Winter’s Blight YA urban fantasy series I’m co-authoring with K.C. Lannon.

Also, I have a $0.99 sale on No Longer Hidden, starting tomorrow! So pop over and grab a copy; the sale will only last for a week!

  • 8/21/2017

Finally, the print version of No Longer Hidden is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace!

  • 7/6/2017

No Longer Hidden is now available on Kindle!

518WuXp8FKL.jpgClick the image to visit the page and look inside to read up to the start of the second chapter! The book is registered with Kindle Unlimited, and its standard price is $2.99.

Updates on the print version are to come! It will be out a bit later this month.

  • 7/5/2017

No Longer Hidden, a fairy tale adventure novel inspired by Scandinavian folklore and classics like “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” releases July 7th, tentatively, on Amazon Kindle! A print version will follow shortly for all print book lovers (also on Amazon); the date will be announced in advance on here.